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    Anonymous Rex

    Poster of the movie Anonymous Rex

    Anonymous Rex

    1h 29min
    2004     Sci-fi comedy     USA

    The dinosaurs didn't go completely extinct when the asteroids hit 65 million years ago. Two dino private investigators, velociraptor Vincent Rubio and triceratops Ernie Watson, are hired by one of Ernie's old girlfriends to find out why her younger brother committed suicide, and discover a dino cult called Voice Of Progress that wants dinokind to come out of the closet and reclaim the planet.

    Directed byJulian Jarrold
    Written byEric Garcia, Joe Menosky
    CompanyThe Sci-Fi ChannelThe Sci-Fi ChannelThe Sci-Fi Channel


    Sam Trammell
    Daniel Baldwin
    Alan Van Sprang
    Isaac Hayes
    Faye Dunaway
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