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    An Affair of the Heart

    Poster of the movie An Affair of the Heart

    An Affair of the Heart

    1h 33min
    2012     Documentary     USA

    If all you know about Rick Springfield was that he longed for Jessie's Girl, you are in for a BIG surprise!

    An Affair of the Heart is the story of the Grammy-winning musician/songwriter who continues to write, release new music, and perform 80-100 concerts a year. He's also an occasional actor on such shows as General Hospital and Californication.

    This is also the story of the fans that Rick Springfield has connected with over his 30+year career --- a multi-generational cross-section from all over the world. Discover what it is about Springfield and his music that drives his fans to such religious devotion. What meaning has he had and does he have in their lives? How do loved ones feel about this undying devotion? What does Springfield think the connection with his fans is ultimately about and what it's like to be the source of such a timeless "affair of the heart."

    Directed bySylvia Caminer


    Corey Feldman
    Rick Springfield
    Linda Blair
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