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    All God's Children

    Poster of the movie All God's Children

    All God's Children (2012)

    Original lang.English, Italian, Romanian
    Run time1h47m
    Directed byAdrian Popovici
    Written byAdrian Popovici, Valeriu Turcanu


    Pavalas, a boy aged nine, sits alone in a park, writing in a notebook, "One missing mother...blue...eyes." He sticks his note in the fork of a tree. His mother, Irina left him three years earlier and has not returned. He's living in an orphanage, only thinking about the day they will be reunited.

    Alina, who has lost her own son in a car accident and who has traveled to Moldova to adopt, is taken with Pavalas. She and her husband Peter drive him to the orphanage with the promise to see him again.

    But Irina, who had been forced into prostitution in Italy, does return, desperate to find Pavalas. She and her friend Tatiana travel to Transnistria, a part of Moldova, hoping to find him there. They have many misadventures until her pimp Bruno finds them, determined to teach Irina a lesson. He gives her three days to return the money he had invested in her -- or sell him her child. It's "the money or the boy."


    Jhoni Alici
    Lilia Bejan
    Michael Ironside
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