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    A Touch of Zen

    Poster of the movie A Touch of Zen

    A Touch of Zen

    Xia nü     3h 20min
    1971     Adventure     Taiwan
    Original lang: Mandarin

    Set during the Ming Dynasty, the film stars Hsu Feng as Yang, the daughter of a government official who, along with the rest of her family besides herself, were murdered when her father uncovered a plot to overthrow the emperor. Escaping with two friends, Yang takes refuge with a scholar and the two plan to make a stand against the army of the evil eunuch Hsu, who wishes to murder her before she can reveal his plot to the emperor.

    Directed byKing Hu
    Written byKing Hu, Songling Pu


    Feng Hsu
    Chun Shih
    Jackie Chan
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