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    A Piece of the Action

    Poster of the movie A Piece of the Action

    A Piece of the Action

    2h 15min
    1977     Criminal comedy     USA

    Dave Anderson and Manny Durrell are career criminals and successful cat burglars who have never been caught. When retired detective Joshua Burke gathers enough evidence to send them both to prison, he blackmails them into 'giving back to the community' by working at a youth center for delinquents. After initial reluctance and problems, the crooks gain the admiration of the kids and begin to enjoy the job. But things go awry when someone from their past shows up, demanding one last heist.

    Directed bySidney Poitier
    Written byCharles Blackwell, Timothy March
    CompanyWarner Bros.Warner Bros.Warner Bros.


    Sidney Poitier
    Bill Cosby
    James Earl Jones
    Denise Nicholas
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    © Warner Bros.Warner Bros.Warner Bros.

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